Teen orthodontics

The teenage years is when most orthodontic treatment is performed.

The adult dentition has erupted and problems can be corrected comprehensively with minimal social impact.

The teen years have been found to be the most efficient time to treat most orthodontic problems.

We understand that all of our patients have differing treatment preferences, and we will tailor the treatment plan to suit your requirements and achieve the very best results for you, taking into account not only the physical but the emotional and social impact of orthodontics.

Symmetry Orthodontics is an accredited Invisalign provider on the Sunshine Coast, offering you the option of transparent aligners which provide a practically invisible option to braces. Invisalign enables you to straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing!

We also offer clear porcelain or coloured braces, so if you want to be subtle or take the opportunity to express yourself, we have the right solutions and colours to suit you!

Ask your dentist for a referral or ring us direct for an orthodontic consultation and peace of mind.